2012-10-05 19:38:14 by Reality-Blows


Looking on the bright side for once

2012-10-04 03:09:25 by Reality-Blows

This is fragmented information, but I'm sure you can figure it out. That's good storytelling.

Okay so last time I bought the Bamboo Capture tablet. Turns out, the only reason it was any more expensive than the other models was because of all the expensive software it came with. Now that I have that software already and more (Paint Tool SAI owns them all) I can just buy the cheapest tablet, the Bamboo Splash, and I'll be good to go. It's a good uhhh...$20 less, but my Birthday's coming up and I hope to get more money than usual since this will be my sweet 16. Even better;the working space is no smaller than what I'm used to, and the Splash is black rather than silver. I love black and it looks so much snazzier. Even so, as soon as I get my computer back I'm going to call the Wacom company and personally ask just what the hell happened to my tablet to make it up and stop working like that. After researching the issue, I found it was very common after long periods of no use, but could find no direct nor useful answer. Funny- I bought a tablet for my 15th Birthday, and now I'll have to buy another for my 16th. This is a huge disappointment, if not an outrage. I'm also going to have to bitch at my cousin about still not having the keyboard and putting my computer in my (adoptive) mom's hands. I still haven't told him the confusion and intense frustration I feel about this whole situation. I feel like it's being insinuated that I can't have nice things, and it's hurting my feelings.

But hey! I got SAI to work swimmingly on this Linux. I don't think there will be much I can do, though. I think my dependence on my tablet has crippled me. My perfectionist personality practically disallows me to do anything without it, making me take far longer on things without the tablet; far longer than my patience can stand. At least having SAI again is giving me some amount of comfort somehow.

I miss Adobe Flash so much, though. It's the greatest miracle that had ever happened to me. Too bad there's not much proof of that. I've been doodling and I have an unfinished animation that has to do with the Olympics. I'll probably upload it, anyway. I'll never get anywhere in animating if I never upload anything.

Oh great. NICE.

2012-09-29 12:09:42 by Reality-Blows

Everything is working now, if I could just pry my computer from the possession of my technology-retarded "mom." I plug my tablet in the laptop and guess what?
The fucking thing doesn't even light up.

Oh great. NICE.

Sorry about that.

2012-09-06 20:07:26 by Reality-Blows

Soon after I made that little promise of new art coming, I experienced some extreme technical difficulties. I probably won't be able to animate, or even use my drawing tablet, for a long time.
This is killing me.
In fact, I feel like I want to die.
Or maybe all these ideas backing up in my head will explode and put me out of my misery.

(PS. I'm not a retarded "emo" kid. I plan on staying alive, whether you like it or not.)

Things are coming!

2012-07-27 01:00:47 by Reality-Blows

Dang that last attempt was CRAZY! Allow me to translate:

For several weeks now artists' block has been gnawing at me mercilessly.
(Not like anyone around here cares, but this is what's up.)
But I think I finally have my motivation back! I'm going to put aside the longer projects for now, and focus on shorter things. I think my ridiculous over-ambition caused something that of a sugar rush and then a crash, you know what I mean? I'm going to take it easy. Things will come! Wish me luck.

Things are coming!

Bad first impressions

2012-07-17 01:07:12 by Reality-Blows

Just submitted something. I know it's crap. I have two other real animations I've been working on. Trust me, I do mean business. I possibly just gave many people the wrong impression of me, but I've chosen not to go back on my actions like a coward.
I'm very worried about people around here will treat a n00b like me. I don't know if the hostility that faced me when I joined DeviantART happens to all people, or because I was obnoxious and with no intention of actually becoming an artist. But now I do. And as far as I know, I'm not obnoxious anymore. At least I'm trying not to be.

So if you would be open-minded and trust my word, I would appreciate that very much.

Thank you.

Don't bite my head off

2012-07-14 12:21:18 by Reality-Blows

What's up? I am from a land called DeviantART. I have come here to find a home for the disgusting spawn I call my flash animations. I won't be very good at first, of course none of us are, just please don't bite my head off. We're all friends, here.